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What's the address to the Venue?

Interstate Center  1106 Interstate Dr,  Bloomington, IL 61705

Do I have to Register my Show Truck?

Yes, All Trucks MUST Register to be inside the Event.


Do I have to Register my Show Truck if I'm Parking in a Vendor/Sponsor Booth?

Yes, All Trucks MUST Register to be inside the Event. You will choose General Registration.


Can I purchase a Spectator Only Pass for the Truck Show?

No. This is an all-in-one Music Festival/Truck Show. All entries MUST have a Music Festival Ticket, whether that be for a Single Day or All Days.


How do I Register my Show Truck?

Go to and visit the Registration Page.

Do you have Trailer Parking on-site?

Yes. You will need to purchase a Trailer Parking Permit for $30. Trailer Parking is for TRAILERS ONLY!

You Must Disconnect from your Truck. You will also get a 4 Day Spectator Parking Pass for your Truck (a $75 value)


How many Concert Tickets come with Truck Registration?

1 General Admission Concert Ticket isincluded with Registration. These are good for the entire Music Festival for ALL Artists. All Guests with you must purchase their own single day or weekend Music Festival Ticket to be inside the event.


VIP Tickets? How do I upgrade my General Admission Tickets that came with my Truck Registration to VIP?

Each General Admission Ticket must be upgraded to VIP. The Upgrade Price is $399 per ticket. You will do this at the time of purchasing Registration.


Is my General Admission Concert Ticket good for the Entire Music Festival?

Yes, you will be able to see all Artists Perform. General Admission Tickets that come with a Truck Registration are good for all days.


What time does the Event Open for Show Trucks?

Show Trucks are allowed to pull in between 8am and Noon each day. ALL BOOTH VEHICLES MUST BE PARKED BY NOON EACH DAY. No Late Entry Allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are late you will not be allowed to pull in that day. You may pick up your passes at the Main Box Office if you have not already gotten them.


When is Vendor Set-up?

Please visit Timeline Page for info.


Can I leave my Show Truck inside the Event overnight?

Yes, this is preferred.


Can I bring a Golf Cart/Pit Bike/Scooter/SXS?

These are only allowed in the Camping Area unless Registered in the Show. They MUST stay Parked at all times inside the Gated Event Area. No movement allowed. This is for SXS and Custom Golf Carts Only. Scooters, One Wheels and Bikes are NOT ALLOWED inside Event.


Are Wagons Allowed?

No, wagons are not allowed inside the Gated Event Area.


Can I bring in a cooler?

Coolers are allowed inside the Event. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL ALLOWED!


Can I put up an EZ-UP style Tent inside the Event?

Tents are only allowed for Vendors/Sponsors. You are now allowed to put up an EZ-UP Tent inside the Gated Event Area.


Can I bring Chairs?

Chairs are only allowed in the General Admission Concert Area. No Chairs allowed in VIP area. Chairs are allowed in Truck Show Area if you are not taking up a spot for another truck.


Can I bring in Alcohol - Food - Beverage?

No Alcohol is allowed inside gated event area. Coolers are allowed with only non alcoholic beverages and food.


Can I bring in a Grill/Cooker?

Grills/Cookers are only allowed in your Campsite area. They are not allowed inside the event area.


How do I become a Vendor/Sponsor?

Visit  Vendor/Sponsor Page or email for requests.


Can I bring in a Purse, Backpack, Bag?

Only clear, non colored bags are allowed inside the Gated Event Area. If you do not have one, they will be available for Purchase at the Main Box Office Only.


How can I buy an Event Shirt?

Please visit one of our Event Merchandise Booths inside the Event. Event Shirts are only sold at the Event.


I can't make it. Can I get a refund?

No. All Sales are Final. No Refunds or Transfers. The Event is Rain or Shine.


Do I have to leave my Show Truck Parked until the last Artist performs?

We prefer all Show Trucks remain parked until the last Artist performs. However, we do understand there are circumstances. In this case, your vehicle MUST be escorted out by a Staff Member. The headliners perform last and this will be the busiest time of the Event.


Are Animals Allowed inside the Gated Event Area?

No. Only Service Animals are allowed inside the Gated Event Area. All others must stay at your Campsite or at home.

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